Umayri 2016

Another successful dig season at Tall al=’Umayri has come and gone. Land ownership troubles didn’t stop us from getting some questions answered and some squares completely documented. It’s hard to think about how this may have been our last season at ‘Umayri, but at least, it was a good one.

Going forward, I can only hope we find a way to continue our excavations at ‘Umaryi. The site has been under excavation since 1984 (just like me!), and it would be a shame to see the excavations closed when there’s still so many questions to be answered, so many squares to be excavated, and so much history left to find.

Photographically, this was a great season. The light was beautiful as always in the early mornings at the dig site. We found so many great things to do this year! I can’t wait to see what (and possibly where!) 2018 brings us.

In the meantime, enjoy this recap of the 2016 dig. For even more photographs, feel free to check out an even larger collection of my images on Facebook.

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