Umayri 2016

Another successful dig season at Tall al=’Umayri has come and gone. Land ownership troubles didn’t stop us from getting some questions answered and some squares completely documented. It’s hard to think about how this may have been our last season at ‘Umayri, but at least, it was a good one.

Going forward, I can only hope we find a way to continue our excavations at ‘Umaryi. The site has been under excavation since 1984 (just like me!), and it would be a shame to see the excavations closed when there’s still so many questions to be answered, so many squares to be excavated, and so much history left to find. Continue reading “Umayri 2016”

Umayri Photo Contest

Since I can’t be everywhere and shouldn’t be the only one having fun photographing life with the Tall al-‘Umayri crew, I hold a seasonal photo contest with ice cream as the prize!

Participants can compete in four categories: archaeological, camp life, portraits, and landscapes. Since everyone submitted such amazing photos this year, we were able to treat all the contestants to ice cream! If you want to see the winners & runners up, head to the official ‘Umayri weekly reports to check them out!

The Archaeological Photographer’s Equipment List

When I started doing archaeological photography, I didn’t have much to go on. There weren’t many articles online at the time, so when it came time to build my equipment, I opted to buy what I knew I’d need for portrait photography and hope for the best.

It worked out, since most of what I do is portrait and art photography relies on what I ended up selecting, but there were some things that turned out to be more useful than others. So if you’d like to know what I haul halfway around the world to get quality artifact photographs, read on! Continue reading “The Archaeological Photographer’s Equipment List”

Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016

Last week, Lindy and I took off to Toronto to attend this year’s Etsy Captain’s Summit. Every year, Etsy Canada gathers team captains from across the country to come participate in a special conference where we share ideas and celebrate all things handmade & vintage.

The first Summit was held in 2014 and originally centred around the Etsy: Made in Canada market. In order to attend, each team had to agree to put on the market in their own city, which was great for putting on a united front and making Made in Canada the big cross-country event it deserved to be, but it also meant some really great people doing really great things stayed home for 2014 & 2015. Continue reading “Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016”

Wild Horse Warm Spring


A few months ago, Stephen & I went on an adventure to find a secluded hot spring – a place true to the romantic idea of an isolated spot, warm in the mountains.

During our search, we came across Wild Horse Warm Springs, an incredibly photogenic spot. I took a few rolls of Fujichrome with me and came away with some new favourite shots.

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Madaba Plains Project featured in La Sierra University Magazine

In my mail this morning, I found a lovely magazine article about the new Center for Near Eastern Archaeology at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. Central to the operations of this new facility is Tall ‘Umayri – the dig site I photograph artifacts & activities for every two years.

For those who were following our progress on Facebook during the 2012 season, you might notice a familiar photograph in the article – one I took of our whole group on top of Umayri’s reconstructed four-room house. Continue reading “Madaba Plains Project featured in La Sierra University Magazine”

No polarizer? Mafi mushkala!

While wandering around Shobek castle the other day, I wanted to photograph a tunnel. There was a little problem with this: I was exhausted from Petra weekend and the idea of lugging around my SLR through another set of ruins made me have a tired.

It wasn’t happening. Good thing I like the camera on my phone. Bad thing that my phone does a terrible job of adjusting for varied light. Continue reading “No polarizer? Mafi mushkala!”