One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Zenit 122k.

It’s been nice to kick back and relax though, without the obligation of taking a photo every day, but at the same time, it had become such routine that I really didn’t anticipate how much free time I’d suddenly have and how much of a void it would leave behind when it was done.

Several days after the end of the year, I knew I had to come up with a new project. I ran through about a thousand different ideas for creative projects until I decided on one:

One Year. Twelve Cameras.

The basic idea is that each month, I’ll select a camera from my massive collection of odd film cameras and shoot exclusively with that. At the end of this month, once I have all the film developed and scanned, I’ll post my favourite shots.

To kick off my year, I thought of no other camera more appropriate than my Zenit 122k.


I bought this camera in 2007 when I was desperate to get back to film photography. I had pushed it aside in 2003 when I bought my first digital camera. I was so excited at the prospect of not having to pay for developing, but then as time went on, I just couldn’t get over how digital was so different from film.

Not that I dislike digital, it’s just… film is film. There’s nothing else like it. There just isn’t.

So it seemed fitting my Zenit be the first camera to kick of this year. It brought me back to film and has bummed around with me lots. It’s been with me to the US, Peru, and Mexico.

I’ll post a slideshow of my favourite shots from this month once all the film has been developed, but for now, here are my favourite shots from before this project started:

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