One Year. Twelve Cameras – Zenit 122k Final Photos

My first month of shooting with random cameras was a bit of a success. I don’t think I churned out any ground-breaking photographs, but the feeling of film alone was just amazing for me at this point. I shot almost exclusively with digital last year, so it’s a completely different world out there this year.

The Zenit 122k is an amazing little camera. It’s plastic and has been all over the place with me. But despite the fact that it’s got more than a few scratches on its body and its lens isn’t made out of L-series glass, it always manages to produce quality.

I chose to cross-process one of my rolls, which was in part because I’m too lazy to send my roll away for E6 processing (or maybe that I’m just too excited to see the results to wait) and because I like surprises.

Here are the month’s best images:

I will be announcing February’s camera shortly. I’ve hit a couple of snags with the one I’ve chosen (namely, the sudden lack of film for this type of camera, though I did have one roll in my fridge). Stay tuned!

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