One Year, Twelve Cameras / Seagull TLR

Medium format film is heaven when it’s paired with a decent lens.

While my Seagull TLR isn’t exactly the finest quality camera I’ve worked with before (you should see it try to take a timer shot – it’s like one of those trick birthday candles!), I do love the things its lens does.

The only real photo outing I took was courtesy of my photo-buddy, Steve. Initially, we were planning on visiting a small-town Albertan museum, but we found out it was open by appointment only.

Instead, we headed out to Horseshoe Canyon, the photography-fallback plan of Alberta. It never seems to disappoint. A little hiking, a little Vietnamese food and some dinosaur sightings later, I was home with two full rolls of film for processing.

Considering how expensive it is to get medium format developed here, I sent my film away on a perilous journey to the States for the first time. I decided to try out The Dark Room. Though I’ve received the digital copies of my film back, I don’t have the hard copies yet. Once I do, I’ll do a little review or something for those who are looking for processing solutions too.

For August, I’m switching back to 35mm film with my Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera.


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