One Year. Twelve Cameras. / iPhone 4

What I loved most about this month was the fact that for 31 days, I didn’t have to carry around a bulky camera. After hauling my camera with me everywhere last year and again this year each time I left the house, I’m tired.

Of course, so far this year, the cameras have mostly been plastic ones, but they still take up space. How nice was it to just drop my phone and a small wallet in my pockets and leave the house? Very nice, letmetellyou.

It was fun getting to try out all the nifty apps money can buy for taking strange faux-lofi pictures on the iPhone. It was a film feel but without the expense of developing film and all of the fun of post-processing without having to spend a lot of time in Photoshop.


The iPhone didn’t fail at shocking me a little bit though. Despite the size, despite the fact that it’s a phone and not a camera, the quality of the images was impressive. I mean, look at the above photo. I didn’t take that with my macro lens, I took it with my phone. Welcome to the future.

I will be posting a separate entry on the apps I used and tried, which ones I liked and which ones left something to be desired. Look for it sometime this week.

Coming up next is the biggest camera I own: the Instax Wide. This thing is the size of a football. But Instax is amazing.


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