One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Fujifilm Instax Wide

It’s been a month of instant film. It’s like digital photography, only more wholesome, because it’s film.

Of course, I did end up taking a lot of digital photos last month, too. It was hard to give up my iPhone’s camera once I realized all the awesome stuff it could do. And then there was no way I was leaving photographs of the Calgary Comic Expo up to chance. I mean, how heart-broken would I have been had I not gotten decent photographs of Jonathan Frakes?

Extremely heartbroken. I’m not going to lie.

Anyhow, filmy goodness was still filmy goodness and that photo at the top of this post was my absolute favourite of the month. Not just because it’s a double-rainbow, but because it looks like it was all magical and whatnot.

The next camera coming up is my Seagull!


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