One Year / Twelve Cameras – Canon Rebel K2 (September)

For September, I was away for the majority of it in Bulgaria. This effected my choice of camera quite a bit, since I didn’t want to take something that was too bulky or that wouldn’t offer the quality of photos I’d want from travelling.

So, I pretty much took the film version of my 5D: the Canon Rebel K2. It was a pretty safe bet and I kind of don’t regret that. It was really nice to have to feel of film for that month, analogue felt appropriate for a former Soviet bloc country.


My favourite photos came from our hike down to the Emona monastery, where we made friends with the wild horses and got to look at the Black Sea off the cliffs.


There was one really beautiful night in Sozopol though, when the clouds were swirling around the moon and the stars were bright and the city was multicoloured below.

I had this one shot that I absolutely loved, but unfortunately, it turned out a little blurry, which is probably one of the biggest losses I’ve felt with photography. I mean, I really, really, really, wanted this shot. Here’s the blurred shot:


See? See?? Ugh, it hurts. I was so sad when I scanned this one and it was blurry. UGH! Okay, let’s never speak of this one again.

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