Fun with Friends: Tobogganing!

Several weeks ago, we met up with our friends from The Camera Store to help Jordan out with a review of the Sony FS7 camera.

Jordan’s vision was to have a slow-mo toboggan feature in the video, which gave Stephen (my partner in crime & life) a chance for his long, luxurious blond hair to shine*.

We had a blast, although the night did end when all four of us crashed into Jordan while he was filming us as we hurtled down the hill. A few painkillers and a hot bath later, I hear he was all better.

Check out the first of the videos below. Any quick flash of red hair is me, and my ears were kept nice and toasty in a headband made by my friend Leonie from Maple & Oak Designs.

Stephen’s sequence starts at 8:19. You briefly see me at 8:53 & 8:58.

If you want to see more about this camera, check out Part 2.

* More than it already does, of course.

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