One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Kodak Instamatic 30 Final Photos

The tricky thing about dealing with film cameras for a whole year is waiting for the film to be processed.

I spent February being very careful about which shots to take with the Kodak Instamatic 30 because I only had one roll of film for it and couldn’t find somewhere that was still selling 110 film at a reasonable price. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Kodak Instamatic 30 Final Photos”

One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Kodak Pocket Instamatic 30.

Can you see the dust on this camera? That’s because it’s been kicking around my house for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember ever seeing film in it though.

This camera will be a true experiment. I know the shutter works, but without the batteries that are supposed to power it, I have no idea what shutter speed or aperture it’s shooting at. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Kodak Pocket Instamatic 30.”

One Year. Twelve Cameras – Zenit 122k Final Photos

My first month of shooting with random cameras was a bit of a success. I don’t think I churned out any ground-breaking photographs, but the feeling of film alone was just amazing for me at this point. I shot almost exclusively with digital last year, so it’s a completely different world out there this year.

The Zenit 122k is an amazing little camera. It’s plastic and has been all over the place with me. But despite the fact that it’s got more than a few scratches on its body and its lens isn’t made out of L-series glass, it always manages to produce quality.

I chose to cross-process one of my rolls, which was in part because I’m too lazy to send my roll away for E6 processing (or maybe that I’m just too excited to see the results to wait) and because I like surprises.

Here are the month’s best images:

I will be announcing February’s camera shortly. I’ve hit a couple of snags with the one I’ve chosen (namely, the sudden lack of film for this type of camera, though I did have one roll in my fridge). Stay tuned!

One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Zenit 122k.

It’s been nice to kick back and relax though, without the obligation of taking a photo every day, but at the same time, it had become such routine that I really didn’t anticipate how much free time I’d suddenly have and how much of a void it would leave behind when it was done.

Several days after the end of the year, I knew I had to come up with a new project. I ran through about a thousand different ideas for creative projects until I decided on one:

One Year. Twelve Cameras.

The basic idea is that each month, I’ll select a camera from my massive collection of odd film cameras and shoot exclusively with that. At the end of this month, once I have all the film developed and scanned, I’ll post my favourite shots. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Zenit 122k.”