One Year, Twelve Cameras – Olympus ME (December)

It’s the last one. For December, I chose the Olympus ME. It doesn’t belong to me, I plucked it off of Stephen’s shelf because it looked just so pretty.

The reality of it was that I didn’t much like this camera. I suppose things might have been better had I put some batteries into its lightmeter, but I don’t think it would have been much different. The lack of full manual control got to me and I found myself struggling to use it much.



So with that, this project is over. It was fun to give my cameras a little test drive, since I hadn’t used many of them for more than a few rolls (it’s hard when you have such an extensive collection – but I love them all). I did find it creatively stimulating.

Lately, I’ve been more interested in really working with my photos, not just in post, but in sets and recreating dreams I’ve had. Or at least, that’s what I’ve wanted to do. The problem with using film cameras is that you can’t check your progress as you go and have some limited options in post-processing. That isn’t to say that I don’t love film, it just puts a heavier reliance on my digital cameras for now.

One Year / Twelve Cameras – Canon Rebel K2 (September)

For September, I was away for the majority of it in Bulgaria. This effected my choice of camera quite a bit, since I didn’t want to take something that was too bulky or that wouldn’t offer the quality of photos I’d want from travelling.

So, I pretty much took the film version of my 5D: the Canon Rebel K2. It was a pretty safe bet and I kind of don’t regret that. It was really nice to have to feel of film for that month, analogue felt appropriate for a former Soviet bloc country. Continue reading “One Year / Twelve Cameras – Canon Rebel K2 (September)”

One Year / Twelve Cameras – Horizon Kompakt (August)

These updates are coming a little late, but for August, I spent my time with my Horizon Kompakt camera. I bought her off of eBay one year as a birthday present to myself, which was an awesome idea because it’s a really fun camera.

The Horizon shoots all panoramic images, but thanks to the slow-moving shutter, there’s opportunity for some slit-scan style fun. I only tried to do it a few times, but I think it’s something I’ll come back to. Continue reading “One Year / Twelve Cameras – Horizon Kompakt (August)”

One Year, Twelve Cameras / Seagull TLR

Medium format film is heaven when it’s paired with a decent lens.

While my Seagull TLR isn’t exactly the finest quality camera I’ve worked with before (you should see it try to take a timer shot – it’s like one of those trick birthday candles!), I do love the things its lens does.

The only real photo outing I took was courtesy of my photo-buddy, Steve. Initially, we were planning on visiting a small-town Albertan museum, but we found out it was open by appointment only. Continue reading “One Year, Twelve Cameras / Seagull TLR”

One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Fujifilm Instax Wide

It’s been a month of instant film. It’s like digital photography, only more wholesome, because it’s film.

Of course, I did end up taking a lot of digital photos last month, too. It was hard to give up my iPhone’s camera once I realized all the awesome stuff it could do. And then there was no way I was leaving photographs of the Calgary Comic Expo up to chance. I mean, how heart-broken would I have been had I not gotten decent photographs of Jonathan Frakes?

Extremely heartbroken. I’m not going to lie. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Fujifilm Instax Wide”

One Year. Twelve Cameras. / iPhone 4

What I loved most about this month was the fact that for 31 days, I didn’t have to carry around a bulky camera. After hauling my camera with me everywhere last year and again this year each time I left the house, I’m tired.

Of course, so far this year, the cameras have mostly been plastic ones, but they still take up space. How nice was it to just drop my phone and a small wallet in my pockets and leave the house? Very nice, letmetellyou. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / iPhone 4”

One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Holga

A month with crummy old plastic. Love it.

Aside from the day I opened my bag to find my Holga had shed her back plate and was eagerly soaking up the sunlight (we need to have a discussion on decency, apparently), it was a fun month.

I’m not terribly impressed with the film I used (it was my first time using this brand), but with a little tweaking in Photoshop, the contrast was fixable. A little too much grain for my liking, though. But in the end, I do like most of the photos I shot. Continue reading “One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Holga”