Alberta’s Ghost Towns

Several years ago, I took a trip with a friend of mine to see if we could locate some of Alberta’s ghost towns. After a lot of driving and a long day, I came home with some of my favourite Alberta photos.

Last weekend, myself and two photographer friends decided to do the journey again. Thankfully, since 2009 I’ve acquired a smartphone, which makes it immensely easier to locate derelict towns when all you have are GPS coordinates. Continue reading “Alberta’s Ghost Towns”

Ghost Towns

Yesterday, I went on a little adventure with Darryl, a friend of mine from photojournalism school. She’s just moved back to Calgary after living in Nelson, BC for some time. When she was talking about moving back here, I suggested we do a photo trip to look for ghost towns in Alberta.

After several hours of doing research and mapping out our route, I had a stack of paper and a hope that these places were still standing. There’s little explanation for this, but many of these places have been leveled in the last few years. My best guess is that before the Recession (I guess that gets capitalized now) when the boom was ever-present in Alberta, people leveled the majority of these places in the hopes they could renew the land. Or maybe, they did it just to rid themselves of what they perceived as an eyesore. Continue reading “Ghost Towns”