Three Hundred and Sixty Five Photographs.

365 completed photographs.
7185 shots taken.
64.96 gb of data.

One year of awesome.

I don’t think I’ve ever undertaken such a large project before. It feels very surreal to *not* have to take a photo today. I can leave my camera on the table and not do anything with it. Or, I could pop a roll of film in one of my film cameras and just run around with it.

I know I make it sound like doing a project-365 was a bit of a chore, sometimes it did feel like it. Above all though, it was life changing. Continue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Five Photographs.”

Project 365: February

It’s another month down in the 365-project and it’s getting difficult to come up with new ideas day-after-day. I’ve managed to write up a huge list of potential photos, but sometimes, none of them feel right for the day.

That said, I’m still very happy to be doing this. It’s keeping me on my toes. My favourite photo of the month has to be the one above. Continue reading “Project 365: February”

Introducing the Project 365

January has meant beginning a new photo project, namely, a 365-project. For lots of people, this means taking a self-portrait a day for a whole year, but I’m not that fond of self-portraits, so I’m doing a shoot-anything-a-day.

It’s definitely stretched me to come up with new ideas or sets every day, but I’ve already come out of it with some new favourite photographs, and I’m only a month in. Continue reading “Introducing the Project 365”