How to Save Water-Damaged Film

In 2013, Calgary experienced a pretty devastating flood. Homes lying in the floodplain at best had their basements filled with water, and at worst were rendered too damaged to be livable.

Though it is one of the worst places to keep one’s film, many had left their negatives in boxes in their basements, leaving them to get water-logged and if left untreated, completely ruined. For some professional photographers I know, this meant losing a huge chunk of their photographic history. One in particular saw his entire portfolio of images vanish when someone trying to be helpful said she could save them, but in the end just made things worse. Continue reading “How to Save Water-Damaged Film”

When Someone Copies Your Idea

The handmade community can be a very inspiring place. In the last couple of years, through my work helping to organize the Etsy: Made in Canada market for Calgary, I’ve been super-charged in focusing on my own handmade business. People around me are doing such creative things and it’s pushed me to think outside the box and come up with some products I’m particularly proud of.

In the last little while, I’ve come up with some particularly unique pieces & ideas. My work is no longer just printing out my images on high-quality photo paper (though, I will continue to do that!). It’s changed and now, I use the tools in my workshop to make new products from scratch. Happy to be creating something that is particularly unique, I’ve launched forward in the prototyping process and posted my progress to my followers on Instagram. Continue reading “When Someone Copies Your Idea”

Etsy Captains’ Summit 2015

On Sunday, I arrived in the snowy and cold city of Toronto – home to Etsy Canada’s headquarters. We’ve been having wonderfully warm weather in Calgary, so it was a bit of a shock to really be confronted with falling snow and chilly winds.

Weather aside though, I am incredibly happy to be here. I’m joined by co-organizers Lindy & Hilda to talk about the Made in Canada event for 2015, to share what we learned from organizing last year’s market and to hear about all the nifty things other cities and teams came up with for their own iterations of the market. Continue reading “Etsy Captains’ Summit 2015”

Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary Edition

Earlier this year, I received an interesting invitation from Etsy, the online handmade and vintage marketplace. Etsy wanted to celebrate their Canadian vendors by organizing a multi-city pop-up marketplace in every major city across Canada. They needed help to do it, and as captain for the Calgary Artists team, I was invited to a special conference in Toronto.

Along with Hilda from Handmade Therapy, I spent three days in Toronto collaborating with fellow team captains and Etsy Canada’s staff to learn about their vision for what eventually became known as Made in Canada. There’s an interesting thing about being a vendor on Etsy – most of one’s sales come from buyers in the United States and overseas. Though there are thousands of talented Canadian Etsy sellers, Etsy remains a bit of a secret in Canada. I’ve seen this from my own shop, too. Of the sales I’ve had on Etsy, the majority have been shipped to US-based buyers. Continue reading “Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary Edition”

No polarizer? Mafi mushkala!

While wandering around Shobek castle the other day, I wanted to photograph a tunnel. There was a little problem with this: I was exhausted from Petra weekend and the idea of lugging around my SLR through another set of ruins made me have a tired.

It wasn’t happening. Good thing I like the camera on my phone. Bad thing that my phone does a terrible job of adjusting for varied light. Continue reading “No polarizer? Mafi mushkala!”