Introducing “Makers in the Raw”

It started when I began organizing local handmade markets. Applications would come in from hopeful artists eager to sell their goods to Calgary’s many handmade supporters. Included in their applications were photographs of their work, descriptions of their process, all to be juried by myself and my co-organizers.

It was easy to see how many talented people there are in Calgary. These artists take seemingly mundane materials and transform them into something beautiful. They make everything one could possibly need, from fashionable clothing to elegant home goods. It leaves me feeling a little awestruck and throughly impressed. Continue reading “Introducing “Makers in the Raw””

Indiana Jill: DIY Fruit Liqueur


As we head into the Christmas season, there’s one thing most of us can enjoy: good drinks.

If you ever wanted to try making your own liqueurs, I recently posted a photo-filled tutorial on the subject over on Indiana Jill. I used Nanking cherries for the recipe, but there’s a world of flavours to choose from just by perusing the frozen fruit aisle at your local grocery store.

Have fun & happy drinking!

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When Someone Copies Your Idea

The handmade community can be a very inspiring place. In the last couple of years, through my work helping to organize the Etsy: Made in Canada market for Calgary, I’ve been super-charged in focusing on my own handmade business. People around me are doing such creative things and it’s pushed me to think outside the box and come up with some products I’m particularly proud of.

In the last little while, I’ve come up with some particularly unique pieces & ideas. My work is no longer just printing out my images on high-quality photo paper (though, I will continue to do that!). It’s changed and now, I use the tools in my workshop to make new products from scratch. Happy to be creating something that is particularly unique, I’ve launched forward in the prototyping process and posted my progress to my followers on Instagram. Continue reading “When Someone Copies Your Idea”