Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016

Last week, Lindy and I took off to Toronto to attend this year’s Etsy Captain’s Summit. Every year, Etsy Canada gathers team captains from across the country to come participate in a special conference where we share ideas and celebrate all things handmade & vintage.

The first Summit was held in 2014 and originally centred around the Etsy: Made in Canada market. In order to attend, each team had to agree to put on the market in their own city, which was great for putting on a united front and making Made in Canada the big cross-country event it deserved to be, but it also meant some really great people doing really great things stayed home for 2014 & 2015. Continue reading “Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016”

Gerd Ludwig: The Long Shadow of Chernobyl

Last night, The Camera Store brought National Geographic Gerd Ludwig into their studio to give a talk about his long history of work documenting the world for the magazine. His images were great, but it was his words that got to me.

Ludwig talked a lot about “participatory photography.” By gaining the trust and even the friendship of his subjects through participation in their activities, he’s able to achieve an unprecedented photographs of their lives. Continue reading “Gerd Ludwig: The Long Shadow of Chernobyl”