Camera Confidence with the YYC Girl Gang

A few months ago, Sam from Sugar and Sam reached out to the YYC Girl Gang about an idea she had. Tired of not knowing what to do in front of the camera, she asked us if we could put together a workshop about how to pose and feel better in front of the lens.

This is something I’ve worked on before, as it’s a pretty integral part of what I do as a portrait photographer, but I was so excited and jumped at the chance to work with Sam and the rest of the Girl Gang to bring the experience to our local population of bossbabes.

Plan in motion, I wrote a workshop plan that featured everything from all those questions you’re dying to ask about why professional photographers do what they do, to how to deal with insecurities and focus on positives, to what to think about when all you can see is a camera pointed at you.

The workshop was held in the beautiful Loft 112, which had amazing light (you know how I love good light) and fantastic concrete walls. We were able to use a corner of the Loft and those fab concrete walls as a great neutral backdrop for headshots. Each of our participants came away with a brand new one, because honestly, having a great headshot is really important as a professional (and something I’m going to touch on in an upcoming post!).

I am super grateful to Chantal of Knitatude for snapping the title image of this post, too. It’s so rare I get good shots of me at work and I love that she was able to catch this moment!

Check out all the lovely participants from our workshop below, and if you missed out on an opportunity to attend the workshop, I’ve added a one-to-one session you can book as part of my Courses & Workshops!

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