You want me to stay up until when?

A text message yesterday from Stephen that said, “If it’s clear tonight, I think Kev and I will go stargazing. You should come, too!”

To which I responded, “Yes!”

And then night time actually rolled around and I was super tired. But I was thinking to myself, “It’s only for a few hours, no big deal.”

It was when we were on our way, past the point of no-return (i.e: the point where I could have said, “No, I think I’ll stay home and sleep.”) that I was informed we’d be out until 3, maybe 4 in the morning.


Thankfully, it wasn’t that late (or is it early?) of a night. When all of our toes started to freeze off, we packed in the telescopes and tripods and headed home at around 2:30 am.


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