One Year. Twelve Cameras. / Kodak Instamatic 30 Final Photos

The tricky thing about dealing with film cameras for a whole year is waiting for the film to be processed.

I spent February being very careful about which shots to take with the Kodak Instamatic 30 because I only had one roll of film for it and couldn’t find somewhere that was still selling 110 film at a reasonable price.

In the end, I was over-careful. There were a lot of shots I didn’t take and I ended up having to fill up the roll with about 7 or so exposures of random things on the last day of February.

So then, I took the roll to be developed. And that took time. And now here we are almost at the end of March and I haven’t been able to tell you about what I’ve been using so far in March since I haven’t finished February.

But then I crack open a new roll of film and then scent makes me smile and it’s all worth being patient.

I was shocked that the roll from this camera actually turned out. It’s very grainy, thanks to the size of 110 film, but it worked! There had been no guarantees and I just as easily could have ended up with a blank roll and nothing to show for February.

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