Introducing the Project 365

January has meant beginning a new photo project, namely, a 365-project. For lots of people, this means taking a self-portrait a day for a whole year, but I’m not that fond of self-portraits, so I’m doing a shoot-anything-a-day.

It’s definitely stretched me to come up with new ideas or sets every day, but I’ve already come out of it with some new favourite photographs, and I’m only a month in.

The photo at the top of this post was the first time in a long time that I’d done something extra to my photos. I’m not usually one for all sorts of crazy manipulations of colour in my images – probably leftovers from photojournalism ethics – but I was so done with winter and though I’m not really a beach person, I was dreaming of sandy beaches and scalding suns.

I followed up that shot with this one:


It’s unfortunate that plaster casts of hominid skulls are so expensive, I’d literally line my bookshelves with them. I’ve secretly always wondered what my skeleton looked like… Anyway, I played with textures on this one to make it look old and dirty.

My other favourites ran in the realm of just playing around:



And the most off-beat photo of the month probably goes to the one I took last night. I still have my prom dress. Eight years have passed since I graduated from high school and it’s still sitting in the back of the closet, wrapped in plastic and generally taking up space. I’ve decided that it really should feature in some of my photographs, so look for a bright purple ballgown to make it’s appearance from time to time.

Last night, I decided I would illuminate the skirt. I have no clue as to why this popped in my head, but it did and I ran with it. I think that’s what the deal is with this project. I have no choice but to try out ideas since I’ll be scrounging for one each day as time goes on.


I’m having a lot of fun with the bizarre ones though. Standing on studio tables is not something I’d recommend – especially if you happen to be wearing heels, but you might end up being happy with the awkward pose that ensues.

The entire month’s photos can be seen in this slideshow. There are some extra pictures in there from things that came up along the way, too.

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  1. The skull is easily my favorite of the bunch.
    I think I’ll have to force myself to take more photos from now on, haha!

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