Navigating the Multi-Purpose Life

With this year comes a big realization for me: I’m a workaholic and I like it that way.

I love being busy, making things, and just generally having my days full. Without a long list ahead of me, I tend to get bored and my creativity just seems to dry up. Though there’s a time and a place for being quiet and still, it’s not in my overall day-to-day.

This leaves me with an average of 4 part-time jobs and 1-2 volunteer projects at any given time. With a workload like that, things can get out of control fairly quickly, but thankfully, being organized is one of my favourite things and probably the main drive behind why I love diving into work.

With every passing year, I learn new ways of being organized and tactics for tackling all the objectives of my various jobs. Since many of my friends are fellow handmade business owners, I thought I would share some of the tools & tricks I use to keep on track and enjoy the process and life at the same time. Continue reading Navigating the Multi-Purpose Life

Urban Escape

Last night, I had the chance to try something really amazing: a sensory deprivation tank at Urban Escape.

Check out the whole story over at my travel & lifestyle blog, Indiana Jill.